A Vision for the Future



Over the last several years, officials of the State of Maryland have recognized the benefits of the services WCC has provided at its past headquarters on Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) property in Brookeville, Md. While the partnership with the State has been invaluable to WCC’s ability to serve wounded Warriors, WCC was quickly outgrowing its facility as demand continued to increase for its services.

On May 28, 2014, State of Maryland officials approved a 25-year lease (with two 5 year options) on 80 acres of parkland in Seneca Creek State Park near Germantown, MD, to better accommodate WCC’s growth plan and long-term needs. Use of the property is consistent with the DNR’s commitment to “support the physical and psychological well-being of American servicemen and women injured in service to our country.”

In 2015, WCC broke ground on this new comprehensive Healing Quarters facility which provides a tranquil, safe, healing environment for Veterans and their families. Located 30 minutes from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC), the new site has the potential to:

  • increase WCC’s ability to serve thousands more recovering Warriors and their families;
  • provide facilities necessary to expand the breeding program, thereby increasing the number of dogs available for new therapeutic service dog training program sites and service dog placement;
  • expand internship opportunities for Veterans who wish to pursue careers in service dog training;
  • provide critical training facilities for wounded Warriors receiving service dogs; and
  • allow for the expansion of other animal-assisted therapies and forms of integrative medicine, such as equine-assisted therapy, art therapy, therapeutic farming and gardening, among others.

Site Plan - 24 Jul 17


Information about specific facilities, their correlating cost and timeframe for execution, and pending funding can be viewed here.