Seth & Murphy: Constant Companions

“Even on a bad day, it’s hard not to look at Murphy and smile.” Seth says it’s hard to fully explain the difference WCC Military Family Support Dog Murphy has made in his life. “I look at Murphy and (except when he gets into the cat’s food) generally just experience a feeling of happiness,” says […]

Dynamic Duo: Wesley & Levi

If you follow many of the WCC service dog teams on Facebook, you may be familiar with the handsome and talented Levi — a Golden Retriever from Holly’s Half Dozen litter. He can be seen in videos saying his prayers, playing dead and even snuggling with his best pal and family pet, Abby the hamster. […]

“Luke became my service dog, and I became his Veteran.”

WCC is on a mission to make a real difference for our nation’s wounded Warriors so that they may live the fullest life possible. In the following interview, USAF Veteran Ryan shares the journey that led him to his canine partner, Luke. Ryan’s experience with WCC gives a true sense of how service dogs impact […]

Training a Dog to Train Me

In today’s world, everybody focuses on the negatives. The media reports bad news. People notice faults in everyone else, as well as themselves. In parenting, children doing something wrong rarely go unpunished, but when they do something right, it is seldom rewarded.

Your organization provides a service that is unique, effective, and deserves to be recognized…

We are a military family of a soldier currently in the Warrior Transition Battalion at Fort Belvoir, VA. My husband was medevaced from Afghanistan in August of 2012 and has endured months of intense hospitalization and treatment for injuries sustained in theater.