Fran Frazier: Puppy Photographer, Chocolate Chip-Cookie Maker and Standout Volunteer

Wednesdays are Fran Frazier’s favorite day of the week. Before the pandemic, that’s the day she would make the 45-minute drive from her home in Northern Virginia to the Warrior Canine Connection Healing Quarters in Boyds, Maryland to take photographs of the puppies on-site. You know the ones — the adorable pics that chronicle the […]

Join us on Saturday, September 26th for Warrior Canine Connection’s 2020 Virtual Graduation

Be sure to tune-in to WCC’s Facebook page at 11 a.m. Eastern Time on Saturday, September 26th for Warrior Canine Connection’s eighth annual graduation. The ceremony will include this year’s graduating Veteran Service Dog Teams, as well as inspiring stories, special awards, shout-outs and more! This year’s ceremony will mark WCC’s first virtual ceremony, and despite […]

WCC’s Dogfather

“If WCC had a Dogfather, it would be Tom Callinan,” says Rick Yount, founder and executive director, Warrior Canine Connection. Tom Callinan (pictured in the photo on the righthand side), President of Pacific Union Development Company, served in Vietnam as a Captain in the United States Marine Corps. He championed this No-Fail mission from the beginning and […]

New Trees Take Root at WCC

If you’ve ever been to Warrior Canine Connection’s Healing Quarters in Boyds, Maryland, you know it’s a sight to behold. Situated on 88-acres of Maryland state property, WCC leases a small portion of it which is surrounded by cornfields, a cattle-grazing easement and is anchored by an iconic dairy barn. Then, of course, there are […]

T-Shirt Artwork Design Contest

HOW TO SUBMIT A DESIGN Be a part of Warrior Canine Connection graduation history by designing a limited edition t-shirt celebrating the Virtual Graduation Class of 2020! The contest is open to everyone and the winning designer will receive a FREE t-shirt featuring their artwork and bragging rights. GUIDELINES · Design should not exceed three […]

WCC’s Calli Gets Private Flight to Maryland from Volunteer Pilot

It’s not all that uncommon to see a service dog accompanying its owner on a flight. But it’s not every day that a dog gets its very own privately chartered flight. That’s precisely what WCC’s Calli recently got, thanks to a spectacular volunteer, Mark Horton.    Calli, a WCC military family support dog from the Welcome Home Litter who was paired with […]

WCC Unleashed

Warrior Canine Connection is pleased to announce a new video series, “WCC Unleashed.” Born out of the popularity and success of WCC’s virtual Mission Based Trauma Recovery (MBTR) training program, “Unleashed” is designed to teach Veterans how they can strengthen their bond with their pet dog while also learning about training from their own home.     “There’s a real need for programming like this […]

Harlem Kindergartners Take Virtual Field Trip to Warrior Canine Connection in Boyds, Maryland

Most of us know Warrior Canine Connection’s most recent puppies as Diamond’s Litter. After learning about the WCC puppy cam on, kindergarteners at Harlem Village Academy in Harlem, N.Y. began watching them almost daily during their classes. They even created their own nickname for the litter: The Seven Dwarves. (Yes, Diamond’s Litter has seven puppies.)   The Harlem Academy class of 25 has been, like most classrooms around the country, learning virtually for months now. Holding a […]

A Round of A-Paws for WCC Volunteer Karen Chiu

Like most people across the United States, WCC puppy parent Karen Chiu has been working from home for almost three months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She’s been observing the “stay at home” policy enacted in California, except for necessary trips for food, essential supplies and, of course, dog walks for Frank.    A WCC service dog-in-training, Frank is a one-year-old Golden […]

WCC Service Dog-in-Training Scores a Page in a Maryland Middle School Yearbook

This year’s St. Jude Regional Catholic School yearbook features a very special pupil — one with four legs, a wet nose and a tail. After spending several months attending classes at the school, students decided that Andrew, a service dog in training with Warrior Canine Connection (WCC), should be included in their 2019-2020 yearbook.  Middle school teacher Pat O’Connell, who was a puppy parent […]