Corporate and Group Volunteer Opportunities

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Thank you so much for your interest in supporting Warrior Canine Connection! WCC could not achieve its mission without the countless corporations, small businesses, foundations, groups and individuals who provide the financial resources and gifts of time and talent that allow us to serve more than 2,500 Veterans and their families each year. To schedule a volunteer day for your corporation, business or group, please call 301.260.1111 or email For individual volunteer opportunities, please click here.

Field Trip to Your Business
Locations Available: Menlo Park, CA

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As part of the training and socialization of service dogs, WCC clinical sites in California frequently take Veterans and dogs on field trips to public spaces and area businesses. Your business can play a vital part in the training of service dogs by hosting a WCC field trip. During the field trip, WCC brings a small team of Veterans (generally 3-10) and service dogs to your location. Typically conducted from 10 am-3 pm during a normal business day, each Veteran is paired with a small team of your employee volunteers to participate in job shadowing activities, informational interviews, learn valuable job skills, and find out more about your unique corporate culture.

A WCC service dog training instructor will be responsible for coordination of the field trip, and will conduct a short introductory briefing for your employee volunteers about WCC and its mission to support recovering combat Veterans and their families through the healing power of dogs. This service dog training instructor will remain on site during the field trip to ensure things run smoothly. When field trips extend over the lunch hour, we ask for our corporate hosts to please provide a small box lunch for the WCC Veterans and staff members in attendance.

Monthly Days of Service
Locations Available: WCC Healing Quarters, Boyds, MD

Painting the Shed

More than 300 individuals and countless companies, churches and groups volunteer with WCC each year. Some of these groups assist with light landscaping work, while others help with small maintenance projects at our new Healing Quarters in Boyds, Maryland. To ensure we engage as many people as possible in our work to serve wounded Veterans, WCC schedules Group Days of Service on the first Monday and third Fridays of each month. Groups can range in size from 6 to 30. If you have a larger group, please call 301.260.1111, and we will do our best to accommodate you. Typical timeframe for a Day of Service is 10 am-2 pm, and can be hosted rain or shine. Volunteers are asked to bring a lunch with them, and wear comfortable clothes for working outside. As the Healing Quarters is located on farm land, boots and long sleeved shirts and pants are advised.

Covering the Windows

All group volunteer Days of Service at the WCC Healing Quarters are overseen by WCC staff members with construction management expertise. Volunteers do not need to have any specialized skills or experience. WCC staff will provide an instructional briefing at the beginning of the day on tasks to be performed, and remain on hand throughout the day to offer additional guidance as needed. A short introductory briefing about WCC and its mission to support recovering combat Veterans and their families through the healing power of dogs, will also be provided for your group.

As WCC is a non-profit organization, we ask that volunteer groups provide the necessary funding for supplies for their Day of Service at the Healing Quarters. WCC is happy to arrange for the procurement of these supplies, and to have them available onsite when your group arrives.

Sample projects available for Group Days of Service include:

Sample Project Supply Costs Notes
Paint Site Fencing $150 Paint wooden fences surrounding Healing Quarters site
Privacy Fencing $1,500 Install new section of fencing around storage buildings
 Landscaping-Caretaker House $2,500 Light landscaping work around Caretaker House
Landscaping-Welcome Center $2,500  Light landscaping work around Welcome Center
Insulate Maintenance Shed $5,000 Purchase and install insulation for maintenance shed and office
Landscaping-Barns $5,000 Light landscaping work around Barns
Landscaping-Entry Drive $5,000 Light landscaping work around entry driveway
Paint Large Barn $5,000 Paint front block portion of Large Barn
Puppy Enrichment Center site preparation $15,000 Remove concrete on Puppy Enrichment Center building site
Demolition of buildings not able to be restored $50,000 Demolish existing buildings and remove site debris to dumpster

Host a Fundraising Event
Locations Available: Nationwide

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WCC is deeply appreciative of the time and effort it takes to host an event that will raise funds and awareness for our organization. Many corporations choose to help support our mission by hosting a “Dog Walk,” silent auction, or other fundraising event to enlist support among their employees and families. WCC supports these wonderful outreach efforts by providing our logo for use, and arranging for WCC staff, volunteers, or dogs attend to these events, when possible. If you wish to host an event to benefit WCC, a Community Event Proposal Form must be submitted along with a signed copy of our Guidelines, which can be found here.