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ISI Demolition Helps Warrior Canine Connection Remove Barriers for Barn Renovation Project

This month, Warrior Canine Connection came 4,000 tons closer to its large barn renovation project taking shape. The centerpiece of its headquarters, the iconic Schaeffer Farm dairy barn, is getting a major overhaul to transform the 1930s-era structure into a new facility needed to breed, train and place future service dogs.  

As scenic as the farm is, there were many tons of concrete that had been dumped on the property over the years, as well as concrete pads that flanked older buildings no longer standing. In order to upgrade the utilities, install proper storm water runoff and adjust the grade of the land around the barn, most of the concrete had to go. The debris was not only unsightly, it also presented a major obstacle to the barn renovation, that is, until ISI Demolition got involved. 

 Based out of White Marsh, MarylandISI Demolition has been overseeing demolition projects for 29 years. After finding out about WCC’s needs following the February tornado, ISI graciously offered its services to WCC pro-bono.  

We knew there was a tremendous amount of concrete that had to be removed for the barn renovation project to continue on,” said Rick Yount, founder and executive director, Warrior Canine Connection. “Quite frankly, we were concerned about the cost to get this work done and how that would impact our construction efforts. In two short weeks, the ISI team did amazing work and removed a huge barrier that has enabled us to move on to the next phase in the barn renovation process. Thank you, ISI!”  

Not only did the ISI team demo 4,290 tons of concrete, but they also crushed it into gravel so it can be repurposed for some grading projects around the barn and under the floor of the soon-to-be new kennel space. 

“Our organization is honored to partner with Warrior Canine Connection,” said Dino Trombetta, president, ISI Demolition. “It gives us great pride to serve those who serve our country by supporting WCC’s mission and goalsAnytime we can offer our services to such a noble organization, we will.”  

In all, the ISI team spent 153 hours on-site at WCC, spanning two weeks. With two hard-working operators, they processed a total of 4,290 tons of concrete and mobilized three pieces of equipment, along with the crusher, to complete the project. 

“We were privileged to offer our services and pleased to leave a product onsite that will be reused for the new Warrior Canine Connection Headquarters,” said Jake Stocksdale, project manager, ISI Demolition. It was a pleasure working with WCC and lend a helping hand to those who help our service veterans.” 

Over the past year, WCC has completed some modest renovations, including the restoration of the gables on both ends of the barn. Now, with the concrete removed, more extensive site preparation and infrastructure work can begin. Final layout plans are in progress and WCC anticipates that permitting will soon be underway. The entire project has been a collaborative one, with WCC getting much-needed assistance from Montgomery County, the State of Maryland, and incredible corporate friends, like ISI, who have generously shared their valuable expertise, time and manpower.