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Hubert Company Hosts Fundraiser to Benefit WCC

This summer, Hubert employee and EPW Laura Hawley created a recent in-house fundraiser to benefit WCC. The event, which included a human agility course, a pet photo contest, bake sale, and other events for employees and their families, including the WCC puppy cam livestream, raised a grand total of $3,200, making it the most successful in-house fundraiser in Hubert’s history.   

The company, which provides retail merchandising solutions and support products, has a long tradition and culture of supporting the community through volunteerism and fundraising campaigns. In fact, the company established a Volunteer Leadership Council (VLC) in 2002, to enlist its employees to help support different causes and nonprofits dear to its employees’ hearts.  
“I’ve been aware of WCC since Holly’s Half Dozen and have always followed the organization and the great work it’s doing to help Veterans,” said Laura. “We have a great program here at Hubert to help give back to others, so I set the wheels in motion to host a fundraiser for WCC. We reached out to people who love dogs and have a connection to the military, and it was a huge hit!”  

WCC would like to say a special thank you to the Hubert Company in Harrison, Ohio, and its employees who are providing critical funds to support our mission! 

“Fundraisers like this one are invaluable to Warrior Canine Connection,” said Jennifer Wilder, director of development, WCC. “Many of people don’t have the expendable income to donate large amounts but community fundraising events, like this one, along with some creativity and some elbow grease can really have an incredible impact on our efforts to support wounded Veterans.”