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We Honor Our Volunteers

April is National Volunteer Month. We at Warrior Canine Connection are grateful to all the volunteers who support our organization. Your generosity allows our Veterans to heal, our programs to thrive, and has created a strong community.

“Volunteers are the backbone of our organization,” said Rick Yount, founder and executive director, Warrior Canine Connection. “We simply couldn’t do all that we do without the support of our extraordinary volunteers. They are helping to change lives for the better.”

Somehow, despite restrictions due to COVID-19 and operating at 60% of volunteer capacity from one year earlier, our amazing volunteers posted a record number of 78,707 service hours in 2020, valued at $2,140,830 ($27.20/hour) in cost savings to WCC.

Also, remarkably, 50% of WCC’s 2020 volunteers were comprised of Military Family Members and Veterans—reinforcing the adage of ‘Veterans helping Veterans.’

Why are WCC volunteers so engaged? Each volunteer has their own reason.  

“From the first time I saw Holly’s Half Dozen on the explore web cam and tuned-in to the live chats about the organization, I connected to the WCC mission of using the healing power of dogs to help veterans who were struggling.  Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to see the difference one dog can have in the life of a veteran and his/her family. My life path did not include military service but volunteering with WCC has now given me the opportunity to support our nation’s veterans.  The unexpected part of volunteering with WCC are the many connections and dear friendships I’ve made with other volunteers and supporters all across the country.” 
Terrie Bates, WCC Volunteer since 2013 

“I learn so much from the animals and the trainers and love the mission!” 
Amy Griffith, WCC Volunteer since 2020 

“I love the feeling of community at WCC. We are there for each other, you are never alone when raising a future service puppy. We all support each other when we are feeling stuck or disheartened when maybe our puppy isn’t as far along in training as others. We remind each other our puppies have their own path and it’s not about keeping up with each other it’s about taking it at your puppy’s pace. We also support each other during the transition from when our puppies go to their path whether that be a family support dog, advanced training and working service dog. Our hearts ante poured into these fur love bugs and we know the day will come to transition from our heart to another but it’s never easy even though it’s beautiful.”  
Ashley Poindexter-Tarmy, WCC Volunteer since 2019  

“I have always volunteered for some organization in every phase of my life but WCC is by far the most rewarding volunteer job I’ve ever had. My father and brother are both disabled Veterans and I couldn’t be more honored to be able to give back to our veterans in such a healing and holistic way.” 
Michele Burkhammer, WCC Volunteer since 2019 

Volunteering at WCC allows me to connect to the military community.  While I work with dogs, I feel great satisfaction knowing that I am helping veterans and their families caring for the dogs that will one day serve them. I believe in WCC’s mission and feel good in knowing that the dogs we raise will help those in need.”   
Nancy Deprey, WCC Volunteer since 2020

“WCC gives me a purpose and working with all Veterans allows me to give back to my brothers and sisters in arms who have given so much. Being able to watch the changes take place and the Veterans opening up. To see them laugh and smile and make eye contact. It is everything and worth the 2.5 hours I spend in a car to watch this miracle happen.”
Robin Martin, WCC Volunteer since 2012 

“We want to give back to Veterans and their families. It is a huge honor to be a WCC volunteer and share the mission with everyone
we can.”
Bill and Tammy Crozier, WCC Volunteer since 2019 

“Volunteering for WCC combined love of dogs with a mission I support; I am a part of something bigger than me, and my support continues WCC’s mission.”
Kimberly Harrington, WCC Volunteer since 2016 

Thank you to all of you, our amazing volunteers, who give your time and talents to WCC; we are very appreciative of all you do.

We will be featuring several of our amazing volunteers with their thoughts on why they choose to help WCC on our Facebook page, so keep an eye out for them!

Interested in volunteering for WCC? You can check out our current opportunities here