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The Paw-fect Summer Music Playlist

The dog days of summer are just around the corner! As the weather warms up, many of us enjoy spending more time outside with our four-legged friends. Whether it’s going on runs, long walks, or car rides, we built the paw-fect summer music playlist of songs all about dogs—using your recommendations!

That’s right, the playlist below was created based on the songs you shared with us on our Facebook page—special thanks to everyone who participated! Check out the complete list below and give it a listen on Spotify.

Paula N.
“Me and you and a dog named Boo – by Lobo, Maggie’s Song by Chris Stapleton, and Ole Red by Blake Shelton.”

Taff Z.
“Jimmy Buffet – Somethin’ ‘Bout a Boat”

Alice B.
“Luke Bryan – Little Boys Grow Up and Dogs Get Old.

Leigh W.
“The Beatles fan in me says Martha My Dear.”

Sarah W.
“My robotic dog Poo-Chi liked Sunny Afternoon by The Kinks. He used to bark along to only this song.”

Joyce T.
“Joy to the World – Three Dog Night, Beautiful by Snoop Dogg featuring Pharrell Williams (clean version), and Old King by Neil Young.”

Suzi M.
“A Simple Song – by Chris Stapleton, “But I love my life man it’s something to see, it’s the kids and the dogs and you and me, it’s the way it’s alright when everything goes wrong. It’s the sound of a slow simple song.”

Sheila C.
“WCC Lucy likes Who Let the Dogs Out.”

Lynne H.
“Jingle Bells by the Singing Dogs! (Christmas in July?”)

Joy J.
“How Much is that Doggie in the Window by Pattie Paige.”

Robin M.
“Ol’Red by Blake Shelton.”

Kim R.
“Ahhh, Hound Dog by the King!!”

Carl-Lisa F.
“Cat Steven’s I Love My Dog.”