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Puppy Yoga: Time to Paws, Reflect and Smile

Yoga class has gone to the dogs. Literally. Warrior Canine Connection is hosting virtual puppy yoga classes, pairing the practice of yoga with adorable puppies, all who are service dogs in training.  

Thanks to a grant from the Healthcare Initiative Foundation (HIF), WCC has been holding Mission Based Trauma Recovery (MBTR) sessions for Veterans in Montgomery County, Maryland, at The Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at Easterseals in Silver Spring. Last March, programming moved to a virtual format due to the pandemic, and virtual puppy yoga is an extension to that programming, offering participants a more informal way to connect the mind and body. 

The instructor, Mary Zambrialong with one of Cohen’s team members and a long-time WCC volunteer, has led both classes to-date. Mary, who ownPosezen Yoga in Bethesda, Md., hosts a half-hour class designed for all skill levels. The only difference between a traditional class and this one? Puppies roaming around the classroom.   

The class is designed to help those tuned in to “paws and reflect, reduce anxiety and pain and improve overall mindset and mood. And let’s face it, is not only relaxing, but it’s also downright entertaining. Here’s what some of the virtual attendees shared about their experience. 

User Sria Kelly said, “This is seriously the best idea, and therapy ever. I know this is involved, but please, please, please do this more often.  

From Saffron Rose Burrows, “I’m from England and currently in a lockdown. So glad I found this page! The puppies are so cute.” 

Adrienne L. Stark added, “OMG! Doing yoga with SDiT (service dogs in training) is a dream!” 

There is, of course, lots of laughter along the way, as well as the occasional toe nibble from a puppy. 

Kristin Hughes said, “The instructor is doing such a great job of not getting distracted by these cute little clowns!” 

Kate Berggren Lasher said, “This just makes your heart and soul feel so good! The girls are stretching and moving around and in comes the puppies!! Too sweet.” 

Ginger Smith added, “I could totally do the lay down with puppies pose.” 

And Patti Walker Rush said, “THE best video of the week! We needed this.  

Interesting in joining a future class? You’re in luck, the next WCC virtual puppy yoga class will take place on Friday, February 12 at 12-12:30 p.m. Eastern Time. Visit WCC’s Facebook page for complete details.