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WCC Unleashed

Warrior Canine Connection is pleased to announce a new video series, “WCC Unleashed.” Born out of the popularity and success of WCC’s virtual Mission Based Trauma Recovery (MBTR) training program, Unleashed is designed to teach Veterans how they can strengthen their bond with their pet dog while also learning about training from their own home 
“There’s a real need for programming like this to help Veterans at home tap into the human-animal bond with their pets,” said Rick Yount. “We know not all Veterans need a service dog, but they can certainly learn time-tested methods for helping them improve their relationships, including communication, training and improving their bond with man’s best friend.” 

The first installment of WCC Unleashed, which covers training concepts and how Veterans can teach their own dogs different commands, can be viewed here. 
The series will focus on different topics in each episode — with all videos designed to help explain, improve and enhance the enjoyment of the bond between a Veteran and his/her four-legged friend. Future topics include grooming, the human-animal bond, stages of learning, among many others. 

Unleashed isn’t to prepare pups to become future service dogs, rather, it will help explain and, in some instances, decode the what and why of how your dog may be thinking, feeling and behaving. 
Subsequent “Unleashed” episodes will be released in the new feature — stay tuned!