Leaving a Legacy

A former international model, world traveler, government employee, and more, Kay, 84, has packed eight-plus decades of adventure, relationships, and lessons in her life’s journey.

With an infectious sense of humor, Kay jokingly muses over her new adventures — adapting to macular degeneration and hearing issues. But in the next breath, her tone turns grateful for Cindy, her sister, who has been helping her adapt to her new life changes.

Kay says a lot of people don’t like to talk about it, but age has given her comfort with her own mortality. It’s also given her cause to think about what she wants to leave behind when she’s no longer around. That’s why she elected to leave a portion of her estate to Warrior Canine Connection in her will.

“I was made aware of Warrior Canine Connection by my nephew who is a retired Marine,” said Kay. “He talked to me about it because I’m at a stage of my life where I need to make those plans. I’m grateful to leave something behind and to leave the money with those who I think are going to spend it well and do good with it, and I’m tickled to death to support this organization in particular.”

Military service has strong roots in Kay’s family. She was married to Clark, who has since passed, but spent his career as an engineer in the Marine Corps. Her nephew (Cindy’s son) was an explosive ordnance disposal tech in the Marines. And her oldest great nephew is currently attending The U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

“It’s a population that has not been served as well as they should have been,” said Kay. “We are a fairly small family, and we have ties to and history and support of military service, so we’ve always felt strongly about the military and helping others. I’m from a small town, and we have small-town values, which usually involves helping out other people … we like to look out, rather than look in.”

On her many visits, Cindy totes along her laptop so she and Kay can enjoy watching the WCC live puppy cam on Explore.org together — a simple pleasure that brings both comfort and joy.

“We’ve had the puppy cam on all day … we’re watching the little dickens that became king of the hill, started an uproar with the others, and then they all went to sleep,” says Kay chuckling.

Kay says she’s lived a happy, interesting life, and she’s pleased to not only chat and share stories but to also know a piece of her will be passed along after she’s gone.

“It’s my hope that my story might encourage other people to do the same,” said Kay. “It’s wonderful to see the money go to where it will do good.”

Discover how easy it is to support Warrior Canine Connection beyond a lifetime. To learn more, visit https://warriorcanineconnection.org/get-involved/donate/

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