Fate, Freedom and the Future: Veteran Service Dog Team Ryan & Tommy II

When Ryan Boyles was first paired with Warrior Canine Connection service dog Tommy II and saw that they shared the same birthdate—April 30—he says he felt like their new partnership was fate.  “I felt like it was meant to be, and then they brought him in, and I fell in love with him immediately,” said […]

WCC Veteran Spotlight: Thalia L.

Even entering high school, Thalia knew college just wasn’t for her. She enrolled in the Navy’s ROTC program because she knew she needed a plan. Shortly after graduation, she enlisted in the Navy to become a Logistics Specialist. In a nutshell, Thalia started out helping with supplies needed for ship maintenance, later moving to the […]

Danny and Eli: Soldiering on Together

If you’re looking for Danny Farrar, it’s likely you’ll find him at one of his 14 SOLDIERFIT gyms. He opened the string of gyms with his first location a little over a decade ago. In addition to Danny, you’ll likely see his service dog Eli, a yellow Lab from WCC’s Welcome Home Litter who is his trusty confidant and is usually within arm’s reach.  Besides a […]

Veteran Spotlight: Kody & Derek

When Kody Jorgensen’s wife, Quatie, approached him with the idea of getting a service dog, he wasn’t sure that it was for him. ‘How will it help?’ and ‘Will it create more work for me?” were among Kody’s questions and concerns.  Five years later, and Kody says he can’t imagine his life without black Lab and Warrior Canine Connection service dog Derek. “It’s a different […]

Kevin and Clifford: From Cap & Gown to Courtroom

Kevin and his trusty pal Clifford, a Warrior Canine Connection facility dog, are just one of the Veteran Service Dog Teams that graduated in September as part of Warrior Canine Connection’s class of 2019. The two have been training and working together for almost two years but recently, Clifford’s leash was passed to Kevin, marking […]

Dogs Making a Difference: Ryan & Luke

Ryan Garrison is many things to many people. He’s a husband to beloved wife, Julie. A father of two. Retired U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant E5. And most recently, a college graduate; this spring, Ryan completed his degree in organizational leadership from Wright State University. And soon, he will be the president of a nonprofit […]

Sugar-Coated Angel Making Life So Much Sweeter

Army Veteran Sandy Wilson and husband Nick have lived in their current neighborhood for 25 years. It wasn’t until last year that Sandy got to know her neighbors. That’s when she was paired with her service dog Barb, and they began walking together every morning. During one walk, a neighbor nicknamed Barb “Sugar-Coated Angel,” and […]